This Is What Happens When You Go Viral on imgur

Our very first imgur post here at NerdsGetMe went viral. No shit. I’ve spent a lot of time on imgur and have always wondered what happens when you go viral and reach imgur’s front page.

Well, the answer is you get a really badass notification:

what it looks like when you go viral on imgur

How many upvotes does it take to get on the front page?

For me it was at about 215 points in a matter of 5 hours.

Within a few hours of going viral, I was up to 600 points and then it started losing steam at about 800 upvotes. Within 24 hours I was at 1200 points and 80,000 views. Though I made the front page, I never got much further than the top 200 (link to the post).

I also got a notification about a new notoriety level achieved:

new notoriety level on imgur

The also sent me this nifty email:

email screenshot of imgur first page achievement

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